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Event planner, Charlestonian, wife, mother, lover of adventure, and firm believer that marriage is one of the greatest adventures anyone could ever embark on.  I'm here to help you and yours create a celebration worthy of your love!


I'm a true romantic at heart. I'm a sucker for flowers, candles, a good romantic comedy, and all things borrowed and blue. My favorite things in life are experiences, whether it's backyard cookouts with family and friends, camping at Hilton Head Island with my hubby, or jumping on a snowboard for the first time and shredding down a mountain (or trying to, at least).


I started Carter's Event Co. simply because I love love. In its most raw form, love is messy and hard work, but I have found it to be one of the most incredible adventures in life. My husband is my best friend, and our wedding is a day I will forever cherish. I am here to help you celebrate your real, raw love, and play a part in creating life long memories that you can hold on to as you live happily ever after. 


I believe that every love story is unique and beautiful, and a wedding is a celebration that not only tells that story, but brings it to life.


my business,

Carter's Event Co. is dedicated to getting to know you and together creating something amazing to celebrate the love story you have created.

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